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Thank you to the thousands of Breast Cancer Action members who took action during this year’s Think Before You Pink ® campaign, “It’s an Epidemic, Stupid!” You are awesome.

Activists like you across the country asked elected officials in all 50 states (as well as DC and Puerto Rico) to support our 2012 Breast Cancer Action Mandate for Government Action.

Our message is loud and clear: we need our government to support independent research into areas overlooked by Big Pharma and biotech, and we need strong regulation of toxins that increase our risk of breast cancer.

Together we’re pushing the national debate about breast cancer beyond simplistic solutions and political pinkwashing. We’re telling our elected officials that we will hold them accountable for their part in addressing and ending the breast cancer epidemic.

We are inspired by these BCAction members who wrote about why they want meaningful action on breast cancer from the people we vote into office:

No matter who is voted into office tomorrow, you can count on us to be a watchdog for women’s health. We will work on your behalf, and alongside you, to demand the bold government action we need on breast cancer: action that moves beyond the mainstream approach of more awareness and more mammograms.

Check out our Critical Questions for Conscious Voters, and make sure to make your voice heard at the polls tomorrow.

In solidarity,

The BCAction team

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