Would You Like Some Breast Cancer With Your Purchase?

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Tania KatanBy Tania Katan, Author of My One Night Stand With Cancer, comedic performer, and proud BCAction member

“Would you like a dose of breast cancer with your purchase ma’am?”

This sounds like an absurd question, but that’s exactly what we’re being asked every time we buy perfume, plastic water bottles, fried chicken, and other pink products stamped with the iconic pink ribbon.

My name is Tania Katan, and this October, I signed the Toxic Time Is Up petition because I believe eliminating toxins from our daily lives will make a huge difference to stop cancer before it starts.

As someone who has endured breast cancer two times, I am outraged that all too often, the pink products sold to us under the guise of “finding a cure,” or “raising awareness,” or “research” contain the very chemicals that can CAUSE cancer in the first place!

Join Breast Cancer Action and almost 20,000 people who have already signed the petition to demand Toxic Time Is Up!

I didn’t major in economics (I chose theater, for the record), but even I can see that too many corporations are supplying us with cancer and demanding we pay for it with our hard-earned money, our health, and our lives.

It’s time we shift this economic equation! I’m sick of companies out there viewing October as the month when we’re all devastated enough about breast cancer that we’ll buy just about anything they want to sell us. It’s time to show them that we are strong, smart, and sick of being sick!

Toxic Time Is Up is our chance to answer the absurd question: Would you like some breast cancer with your purchase? with a resounding, NO!

In the time it takes to LIKE something on Facebook, you can take action and be part of the movement to stop cancer before it starts!

Let’s LIKE creating a future that’s free of chemicals that make us sick. Let’s LIKE a world without pinkwashers!

LIKE the power WE hold when WE come together and demand Toxic Time is Up!

It literally took me 10 seconds to sign the petition. This is important. This is urgent. This is legislation that leads to the elimination of toxic chemicals from our daily lives. Take action. Stop cancer before it starts. Help end pinkwashing once and for all!

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  1. Silvia Bunge
    Posted November 24, 2013 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    So tired of pink-washing!

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