Our Campaign

Be the Billboard

In 2010, BCAction collected 6,732 signatures on a petition to urge Eli Lilly to stop making rBGH. Our goal was 6,220 people – one person for every day that rBGH had been on the market. We also raised enough money to erect a billboard outside of company headquarters. However, because of Eli Lilly’s influence in its hometown of Indianapolis, BCA could not find a billboard company that would rent space to us using the message we wanted to convey.  We were able to use the situation to our advantage by obtaining local press coverage and getting our members to be the billboard for us by posting “Eli Lilly is Milking Cancer.  Tell them to stop” on their Facebook pages.

Launch/Thanks for the Cancer

In 2009, Breast Cancer Action launched Milking Cancer. That year, we got over 4000 people to send letters directly to Eli Lilly, started a postcard campaign that resulted in dozens of “Thanks for the cancer” cards mailed to company headquarters, and produced a video that got thousands of views on Youtube.