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Call me a skeptic, but…

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somehow, I don’t believe that dry cleaning chemical suppliers will lead us to an end to the breast cancer epidemic.

New England-based AristoCraft Supply, the self-described “premier distributor of drycleaning, laundry and tailoring supplies”, apparently disagrees.

Earlier this year, they launched a campaign called “Clean to Save a Life”, to sell pink items to dry cleaners. “Pink tissue, pink capes, pink garment covers, pink invoice paper,” says AristoCraft vice president Rick Ross. “If you want pink, we’ve got it.” An undisclosed amount of proceeds will purportedly be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

What this campaign doesn’t tell you is that while you “clean to save a life”, you could very well be endangering yours.

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This week’s contestant…

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in our Parade of Pink.

The thong reads, “I lost my boobies, not my sex appeal” and is tagged as a “chemotherapy gift”.  Nauseating.

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A “Parade of Pink”

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Every October at BCA, our inboxes are flooded with pictures of bizarre- and often insulting- products that are “promoting breast cancer awareness”.  For instance, last year we found a pink taser and a Smith & Wesson gun with a pink handle.  Somehow, the manufacturers didn’t see anything odd about promoting a weapon that kills almost 5,000 women a year to keep the public aware of a disease that kills women. Hmm. Read More »