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The Dark Side of Pink Awareness

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guest post by Rachel, of  The Cancer Culture Chronicles

Note from Breast Cancer Action: In response to last week’s blog post from Angela Wall, several of our members commented on our Facebook page and shared their thoughts about the efficacy of breast cancer awareness campaigns. Rachel from The Cancer Culture Chronicles noted that women with metastatic breast cancer, in particular, have not benefited from the “pink razzamatazz”. We are honored to share her words with more of our members via this week’s blog post. Read More »

Pink ribbons don’t encourage us to think about social justice

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by Caitlin Carmody, BCA Membership Coordinator

Usually when I tell people I work at Breast Cancer Action, they start to talk about pink ribbons and races. This requires me to do some conversation steering. Last week I felt like I had one of my best “conversation conversions” to date; we went quickly from “race for the cure” to “toxins in our world,” and covered pesticides, shampoo, and pink ribbons on products that contain carcinogens. As we ended the conversation lamenting about the ineffectiveness of natural deodorants, I had a nagging sense that I hadn’t gotten to the heart of my unease with pink ribbons. It was only on the bus later that I got it: pink ribbons don’t encourage us to think about social justice.
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Next Year, Let’s Skip Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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by Mia Davis, National Coordinator of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Originally published in GOOD Magazine.

Can the pink ribbon be saved from corporate cause marketing, and actually mean something for women’s health?

More on “Awareness”

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A guest post from Tamera Shanker, originally posted on Boo-Bee Trap

Before I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, I was aware of the prevalence of breast cancer. I knew it was a disease that struck mostly post menopausal women. Read More »

Awareness to Awareness

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A guest post from Katie Ford Hall, of Uneasy Pink

We’re well into Pink October, 2010, but this year I sense a shift in awareness about awareness.  The media has criticized pinkwashing and silly viral memes trivializing cancer with sexual innuendo.  Tough questions are being asked, like why so little progress is being made to reduce mortalities despite all of this awareness?

The usual counterpoint is that while awareness campaigns might be for lightweights, they’re harmless.  Right?

No, not so much.

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Pink Revisited

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By Cathy Bueti, blogger and author of “Breastless in the City”Originally published in the Fall 2010 issue of The Source.

Pink has been my favorite color ever since I was a little girl. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 years old, and I’ve never looked at that color the same again. Read More »